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Botswana -
Okavango Delta & Kubu Island  

Carnet de Pollux et Titus

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October 2006



Okavango Delta :
The Okavango river is one the river which do not have a mouth. The river sprawls in a vast delta
and all the water evaporate in the heat of the tropics or is absorbed by the dryness of the Kalahari.
  We prefer to fly over the delta... Cléobule
is very serious and verify that the pilot does not make any mistake.

Elephant skin ?

to search in the photos : 4 giraffes                       one elephant

184 buffalos
The delta seems to be un paradise for the elephants...a few visitors, a lot of water and vegetation...
                                                           about ten elephants
one elephant                                               idem
Kubu island :
  In Africa, life runs around the tree : the morning is booked
for children school, the afternoon for the adults, then le village council...
  We are in love with the baobas trees. It exists an island
where there are monsters even bigger and more impressive. This island is located in the middle of a dry lake. I take
the GPS in my hand and let's go to find it.
Unfortunately, in the middle of the crossing, the crust does not seem to be enough for La trees to hang
the winch and the clay is very sticky...we do niot succeed alone...we ask for help.
              5 people arrive to help us...and dig 3 hours
Then , 3 hours later...
                the hole is huge

Of course, we are not arrived in the island. We have more crossing to make. We stop our adventure and we try to go
back using another way... another problem occurs...
nice vultures are waiting for us.                          the trees are nearer and nearer
I make the majority of the way by foot...we need to cut some of the trees. (move the mouse on the photo)
  20 km : 4 hours.




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