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September 2003 1st kilometer in France, belgium
October 2003   Germany, Autria, Liechtenstein
               Switzerland, Italy
November 2003  Transfert to India - Goa
December 2003  India
25 december    Hindou Christmas in a village
Mach 2004      India
April 2004     Bhutan, India
May 2004       Malaysia, Thailand
June 2004      Laos
July 2004      Cambodia
September 2004 Singapore
October 2004   Australia
               New year in the Mungo National Park desert
February 2005  Sydney
March 2005     Transfert to Panama
               New Zealand
April 2005     Fiji, USA, Costa Rica

May 2005       Panama, Ecuador
June 2005      Peru, Bolivia
July 2005      Chile, Argentina
September 2005 Paris...
February 2006  Argentina, Chile

to come...

June 2006      Brasil,
July 2006      South Africa
July 23        Titus' 5th birthday with the lions
August 2006    Namibia, Botswana,
October 2006   Mozambique, Tanzania
October 17     Cléobule's 1st birthday At Ngorongoro
December 2006  Kenya, Ethiopia
February 2007  Sudan, Egypt
April 2007     Libya, Tunisia, Algeria
April 17       Pollux's 8th birthday at Tamanrasset
July 2007      Morocco, Spain, Portugal... France