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 Cléobule, 10 days

          at the beginning...

Emmanuel  38 years old. Telecom engineer.
          15 years of international Marketing.
          Expert in itineraries, tyres, dirty oils,
          travelled in 34 countries, lived 1 year in Canada
          and 2 years in England.
Pollux    4 ½ years old. A year of nursery school.
          Regularly searches for crocodiles in the squares
          since its trip to Senegal.

Nathalie  40 years old. Photographer.
          Caught the travel bug.
          Skilled in "passenger brake",
          language of the hands and communication.
          Travelled in 33 countries.

Titus     2 years old. One year at the nursery.
          One passion : trucks.
          One word with its vocabulary : VROUM.

and then ...

Cléobule  has crossed 12 countries before the birth
          leaves to Patagonia at the age of 3 months