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Namibia -
Puros, Epupas falls & Etosha NP  

Carnet of Pollux & Titus

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October 2006



Sesfontein :
                sometimes, in the desert area, we cross
mini tornados. Not very powerful, they move quite hard the truck when we go inside.
the video :
Old military fort conveted in an hotel in the desert, we make a swimming pool stop with the local fauna.
Suddenly the wind comes, putting the village under a sand cloud like an end of the world.

Puros :
At the end of the world, a "camping" is installed in the bed of the river on the way of the elephants. The irst night,
we are wake up at 4 o'clock by an elephant eating the tree behind us. In the silence of the night and its proximity,
we are able to ear its breath.
                hot water local version

In the middle of the day, another one comes to see us




                The shower is in the tree...

                                           move the mouse on the photos
Epupas falls :
  We are at the border with Angola in the north
Namibia. In this arid area, we discover an oasis : Epupas falls.
              falls with baobabs                           night visitor

The last day, while leaving the camp, La gazelle falls in the septic tank. A wheel in the empty above the sh...
and a wheel in tha ir to balance. It will take 2 hours, the winch, another truck to get out of it.

                                 Cléobule waits the truck  

  stop on the road... Mr Baobab

Etosha National Park :

Etosha NP is the animal National Park of Namibia...
  It is also the 1st birthday of Cléobule...

the rainy sason is in advance. We can feel the storms.

  Etosha is mainly a dry lake

              idle lionness



80 km/h on the Gazelle's terrace, a good fun !!!
on the road to Botswana...                                 ...just before the border.

                                                  by duj   copyright duj




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