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Botswana -
Chobe National Park  

Carnet of Pollux & Titus

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November 2006



  Even bing in efore arriving in the park, we cross
this splendid pachyderm on the road. In Namibia and in Botswana, the wild animals are not only in the parks, like
in South Africa.
Chobe National Park
If the Okavango Delta is the elepant paradise, Chobe NP is their kingdom. There are plenty, everywhere, and they
destroy the flora, and do not care about the tourists they cross...
  Just after La Gazelle, the elephants cross in a single line

Hello Sir...


                                                           vulture drying its plucks



  small video

  We will see hundreds of them swimming, playing in the water.

                               Hippo in front of buffalos  


Hippos are herbivorous... they use their teeths only to fight !!

With the hippo, the buffalo is surely the most stupid and the baddest animal of the avoid.


                     and the video of the crossing 



Titus has a new passion for those "guinea-fowls"...



                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright by duj  copyright by duj


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