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Turkey -
Istanbul aujourd'hui  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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May 2007



Istanbul :

Fishermen on a bridge with the top of the gold horn, in front of the Bosphorus
Istiklal.. Principal artery of Istanbul of today…          Pollux to the orders of the tram

The Bosphorus, mark the limit between Europe and Asia



               Cupola of the small Holy Sophie

Turkey is really a laic, modern country...
Manufacture of Pide, Turkish pizza
              Our district during 2 weeks

Backgammon : national sport                                Tea, backgammon… moment of relaxation




                                                           Pollux and Thais
              Sinoé and Cléobule                           Laurence
  The edges of sea are popular the weekends

                      Library of the museum of modern art  

Titus & Sinoé                                              Pollux & Thais



The Large Bazaar became a bazaar for tourists, clean, with plasma screens, without much of attraction


The Egyptian bazaar is much more popular. It is the souk of spices


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