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Turkey -
Istanbul : Topkapi, Saint Sauveur in Chora...  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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May 2007



Istanbul (to follow) :
Topkapi palace and its harem :
True prison for women (and apprentice sultan), the harem of the palace of Topkapi is absolutely enormous. More
than 300 parts compose the secret part of the palace and could accomodate nearly 1000 women.



              Ceiling of the hammam
sultan's room
Living room of the brothers and cousins of the future sultan. When this last reaches the power, the others are killed
to avoid any conspiracy.

              Entrance of Topkapi palace
Saint Sauveur in Chora :
              Small chief of work of Istanbul, the mosaics of Saint Saver in Chora are regarded as most
              beautiful of the Byzantine world.

Scene of resurrection where Christ draws Adam and Eve from their tomb...
              stucture of the vaults



Mosque Sokollu Mehmet Pasa :
Built by the Sinan architect at the end of his life, it is one of its most beautiful achievements





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