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Turkey -
La Cappadoce  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Uchisar :
Astonishing village builds goshawks of a bored natural fortress of hundreds of dwelling. This citadel overhangs Cappadoce.
  Taxi with the retirement

Rillettes of Man, red wine, bread Turkish and splendid sight… the life is beautiful
  Welcome to the country of meringues

The white valley :

All the villages of the area are accessible by amazing treks.


              Pollux and Titus follow the course of the often underground river.

Love Valley :

The white valley is transformed into love valley



The pink valley :


              Pollux goes up in pigeon nest                The rock changes color

Goreme :
Monastery in the museum in the open air

Zelve :
True rupestral city falling almost in ruin



              Grind for the flour in perfect state
Pasabagi :
                Probably the most impressive site of Cappadocee
              Even the police took possession of the places.
The various types of rocks allowing the formation of these surprising geological forms are quite visible .



Avanos :
              Capital of the pottery, the craftsmen do not hesitate to make discover their technique


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