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Turkey -
Antioche, Ankara, Amasra...  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Antioche :
Antioche ( Antakya into Turkish) is located in an enclave belonging to the Syrians before.
However, we are not any more in the Arab countries. We clearly approach Europe.

First Christian church created by Saint Peter.
Ankara :
              We stop only in the museum of civilizations ...
                Cléobule always has an important success
Black sea :
Safranbolu, close to the Black Sea is a beautiful village in the mountains.
                Goblet for all with the fountain


Amasra, on the edges of the Black Sea.
Cappadoce : the valley of Ihlara
Church of VIème century                                    old House in Güzelyurt
  Throughout the valley of Ihlaran , we visit the underground
churches dating from Xème century .


At the exit of this valley, the village of Selime shows us our first chimneys of fairies
  A whole village is carved in the chimneys of fairy.

              Access passage to the village


              Church of the village
The village is always used. The old houses are used today as sheep-folds.

To protect itself from the Muslims, the Christians built true underground cities. Some could reach 10 stages
in-depth. We visit those of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. A clever system containing large wheels made it possible
to be locked up interior.
              Nathalie in the descent                      Pollux in a church
Cat :
Cat is a valley of Cappadoce where we find the most beautiful pigeon nests of the area. The entries are painted so
that the birds can recognize their nests...

It is also spring for the turtles. There is everywhere. We organize a race. Pollux encourages his.


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