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Jordan -
Jerash, Madab, Mont Nebo & the dead sea  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March/April 2007



Aqaba :
the rules are easy to understand                           ready to dive
Dana Nacional Park :
  little village on the top of the nacional park


   even the mosque is with the village style : with stone 
Kerak casstle :
              the ruins of the castle gives superbs underground galeries

we have great fun
Madaba :
                Saint Georges church in Madaba has a huge mosaic
              showing the map of Palestine at the byzantine time
aera of Jerusalem, the dead sea...                         Bethleem
  Jerusalem with its doors, its churchs...
Mount Nebo :
              Mont Nebo is a pace where moses came just before his death.

inside of the church
The dead sea

Sea of al the records : -384 metres (the lowest place on earth), saltness 8 time more than the other oceans,
no fish lives here (the fishes that come from the river Jordan do not live more than a minute)
easy to stay on the surface (even seated)                  some mud to lower the salt effect
good week of farniente
                                                           it is raining in the restaurant with Janett and Mario
                                                           Jesus has perhaps seen it...
Amman :

litel village 75 years ago, Amman is now a big capital
Jerash :
Jerash is a roman city fron the du 4th century BC. The ruins are wonderful
Race track

The oval place is a key eleent of the Jerash architecture. Its form, not common, allows to link the differents
monuments in a great harmony.

 main axis of the city


              Modernism : an underground water network
              with "sewer access"

Norh Theater



South Theater


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