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Jordan -

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2007



Petra :
  we are welcome by the snow and the wind. We have
to wait a day before visiting this wonderful place.... it is too cold.
              Cléobule nearly ready...                    ...completly ready to face the coldness
  Obelisk grave, the only one to be outside the valley

              Petra was at the origin the capital of the Nabateans during the 1rst and 2nd century AD.
              The site is mainly along a valley, which is only accessible by the visitors through a long
              one mile corridor...called the Sicq

              a water network has been developed

              The barouches raise and descend the tourists
              At the end of this long corridor, appears the tomb of Khazneh...the 1st beautiful !!!

              Pollux in front of Pollux
The city down :
The city down is the heart of the city, the center of the public life : theatre, hot springs, markets and tombs
              this door shows quite well what is Petra : a lot of colors in the rock with a sculpture
              which seems to have blend with the sun.
the strange colors harmonies are one of the main attraction that makes the fascination of Petra.

  cold ? no !!!!

              camels in front of the theatre

tombs and theatre
              After trying to sell his antiques, this man does not want to worry us and says :
              "Made in Taiwan !!". Then he laughs and says that he has 15 children and only one wife !!!
The monastery of Deir:
              The climb is long. A bedouin helps Pollux and Titus with his two donkeys.
800 steeply steps do not stop the donkeys, real acrobats.

                     The urn at the top is 10 meters high  

              it was too tiring...

this monument has been carved out of the rock...amazing.
the place of El Madhbah :
  fossil tree on the way to the sacrifice place

Pollux in the middle of the place dedicated to the sacrifices
                the channel was used to keep the blood

this place is on the top of the valley
breathtaking descent...not always easy with the donkeys
              there is sanctuaries everywhere
              detail of the rock


              After two days spent with our bedouin guide, this one shows on more time their amazing
              hospitality. He invites us to share a chicken, drink 85 teas and spend the night with
              his family of 8 children !!!
  the meal is cooked directly on the braises



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