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Italia -
Napoli & Roma  

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June 2007



Napoli - Pompeï :
              roman treet in the city of pompeï            Cléobule on a pedestrian passage
                                                           Pollux as a waiter in a local bar
Titus in the first bakery                                  platre of the victims of the eruption of the volcano
                                                           Sculpture in the most beautiful residence of the city
Napoli - the city :

                                                           Le Vésuve

Rome :
              Villa Borghese
                                                           aperitif in the truck ..
weekly exit of the pope                                    Pollux is very intrigued
              like papa...


              Cléobule makes excavations in the basilica Saint Peter

                                                           Saint Peter
  La Pietra of Michel Ange...


  Sight the top of the cupola

                     Our bivouac close to Borghese Villa   

                Pollux imitating Pollux

Trevis fountain...
On the coast ...
Pisa - second passage :
                               2 0 0 3                                       2 0 0 7  
                                             was the tower rectified ????


Portofino :


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