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France -
a little break in the expedition 

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August 2005/January 2006



Paris : a 5 month break for the birth of the fifth member of the crew.
 Cléobule, 10 days.

to see Paris is always a great time ... le Louvre, biggest museum in the world
                  place de la Concorde

       one of our favorite place : le palais de Tokyo

              bamboo and kids games in the center of Paris 

              the world , by Pollux
                                                           queen of her brothers with the "king galette"
                                                           or just princess of her Dad...
                                       Skating rink in top of the Eiffel tower
              track toboggan in front of the town hall
Window of Christmas, here trophies of Anne Valerie Dupond  
of the art gallery"Edgar, le marchand d'art"...

Secong Start... at Five !

185 kg of luggage to get back "La Gazelle"
Cléobule 3 months and a half, Pollux 6 years and a half..  ..and Titus 4 years and a half


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