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Argentina -
Patagonia in winter... 

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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August 2005



Villa la Angostura (836m) : just after the border, we discover Argentina, the smiles, the great food...
and a small ski resort for our happiness, in the month of August.
compulsory snow balls battle...
              the Argentinean toboggan are special...

                                               snow storm  

              the stalactites and the ice cover the wheels
morning fairy scene !!

great morning...a little bit cold
San Carlos de Bariloche (830m) :
  great way of living in Argentina

              Virgo Statue in front of Patagonia

Lago Nahuel Huapi

Incredible Patagonia !!!
                               strong wind on the summits  

Lago Guillelmo on the way to the South
Rio Pico (689m) :
village at bottom of Patagonia...

...on the way to the Estancia Tres Valles
                                  animal skin in the farm  

farm with 20 000 hectares on the border with Chile, in the mythical Patagonia
  it is difficult for the horses to go on in the snow

Frozen lake

La Gazelle is parked for an Argentinean "break"

                                                  by duj   copyright duj



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