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Thailand -
Loei, WWF visit  

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July 2004


WWF is one of our partners. In each visited country, we try to see them.
They explain us their active projects, organize visits.

visit the web sites of WWF and WWF Thailand

The main objective of WWF is the perservation of the nature and the ecologic processes. To achieve it,
their action take place mainly around the following themes :
   - species preservation and ecosystem diversity,
   - insurance that the use of reusable natural resources is adapted to the today and tomorrow needs
     for the benefit of all lifes on earth,
   - promotion of actions for the reduction of pollution and energy consumption.

WWF adapts its objectives in every country. So, WWF Thailand put in place number of projects
on the whole country :

Reintroduction of the asian elephant - this one is less and less used for domestic purposes.
Since 1997, an important number of elepant has benn reintroduced in the forests.
Baby or adult, they adapt themselve to the new environment. WWF follows this project
sponsored by the Queen Sirikit. The wild instinct of the elephants come back slowly and they
learn to live without humans.

Campaign against trade of species in danger - WWF has made a study in 2001 which show that 47 on 111 hostels
members of the Thai Hostels Association sell illagal products from the nature, mainly ivory from
elephants. Campaigns are made for the professionnals, but also fopr the tourits who create the demand.

Tiger preservation - during last century, three sub-species of tiger have disappeared in Thailand
(Java Tiger, Bali Tiger and Caspien Tiger). The reason is mainly the destruction of their habitat
and by the use of certain parts for medecine.

Mekong - important lobbying with China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand to preserve
the Mekong river, last wild river

Revitalisation of the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctury near Loei - the creation of a wildlife sanctury
(because of the presence of a unique species) has made a conflict with the villagers who must
leave their home. The role of WWF has been to cohabitate the two parts in asking the farmers
to use natural and organic methods on their lands

Visit of Loei and Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctury

  organic farm

                                    partner of WWF 

 creation of a drum for the temple

                       drying of the buffalo's skin

Phu Reua Wildlife Sanctury

Pollux counts the legs...1,2,3...       Pollux, in an elephant foot print,
                                        shows us salt, put by WWF as
                                        complementary food

babies are always playing...

high to observe animals

When we have leaved WWF and Loei, we just cross the world center of video game.
We ask one minute of silence.

                                            by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj

                                          copyright duj  


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