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Thailand -
The organic farm  

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July 2004



Near the city of Yasothon, we were looking for a Servas host, to try to enter a little bit
in the thai life. The village was very small. Our host has moved to Italy,
but we were invited by a farmer, Joe.

In fact, Joe has an organic farm and is the great thai specialist for building clay houses

one of the method is to mold clay bricks
mixed with grass. Then the building is very
classical, except that you can easily
add more harmonious forms.

Glass bottles has been added to create those stained glass windows

impregnable view on the rice culture

creation is easier with clay materials...



Those natural materials probably attract more the other nature...
This one is venomous (non mortal)...               ..this one eats only fishes.

Each farm has a pool...to feed the fishes,
it is enough to light above the water
that the insects come to burn
in the nightfall et fall directly
in the fishes mouths...ingenious.

                   We are still in the rainy season

                                            by duj   copyright duj

                                                    copyright duj


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