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India -
Baramati : sugar factory

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December 2003


The sugar industry is the main business for whole regions. Baramati has three big factories
for the traitment of the sugar cane ; visit of one of those, organised in cooperative around
12000 farmers.

A sugar cane plant takes 15 months to be mature

Depending on the distance between the plantation and the factory,
one of the 4 kinds of following transports is used:


                                                       put the mouse on the cow to feed her

Arrival at the factory and first step : press to recover the juice.




Everything is used in the transformation of the suger cane. On one side, the juice will give the sugar.
On the other side, the rest of the press will make electricity (its combustion
will roll turbines), alcohol and gaz by distillation.
The rest of the rest will go back to the farms as compost to fertilise the fields.

        combustion of the first rest                         cool of the turbines water

     recver of the compost by the farmers

                             fill of the gaz bottles

The juice is dried, then worked to obtain the brown sugar first, and finaly the white one.
To finish, you need to storage it and let the traders obtain the best price.







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