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India -
Baramati : Servas welcome

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December 2003


The Shaha family welcomes us during a week within the Servas International organisation.
Staying in an indian family to discover "real india" is unforgetable in term of culture and hospitality.


The drawings in front of the house are sign of welcome and respect for the visitors.
They are realised with chalk powder.

The indian family stays together in the same house...
It is frequent to see 4 generations.

We have been received like maharadja, have visited scools, plantations, factories...
Abhey Shaha has shown us the lfe of an indian village and its developments, mainly based
on the helpness and the support of each other.
They don't want to depend on the otherness... neither of an unknown technologie, nor of an corrupted administration.
They count only on themselves with te following principles :
- "natural" : everything should come from their direct environment.
- "very simple" : simpler it is, better it is accessible for the most.
- "informal" : it is the base of the indian relation, for business, friendship or family.

                                                    Gandhi is not so far !!!

                                                                     Titus...silence, please!!!!


We have been the VIP for the tee plantation in the village.

                                                                        same age...

25th December...means nothing for the hindous. Abhey and Sunita Shaha have prepared
an indian fest.
                                                   christmas meal



Abhey, Sunita and Anuj : Thank you very much


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