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South Africa -
Zululand : Ulundi & Ithala  

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July 2006



Ulundi :
Zululand is a kingdom within the Republic of South Africa. Then, there is a king and a certain autonomy.
Ulundi is the "capital".

reconstitution of the royal city destroyed by the british. The habitat with hut is just a beauty

Cleobule's lunch inside

Group photo with the moinmoin in front of the Royal Hut

                                                           cactus tree
Ithala NP :
              in the center of Zululand, the Ithala National Park
              is a festival of giraffes end impalas

female impala
Male impala

                                                           Auriane and Titus





Mkuze NP :
always looking for hippos, we finally find them before going in Mkuze NP.
                The hippo is the most killer animal of Africa, because we can
              find it outside game reserve. Its territorial nature makes it very aggressive.




on the african tracks...


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