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South Africa -
Zululand - Hluhluwe & Sodwana Bay  

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July 2006



Emdoneni :
Emdoneni is a Lodge where we meet our friends Moinmoin. The lodge is also a farm of cat rehabilitation specialised
in Cheetah and Serval.
                    the Cheetah


Impalas just walking in the parc
              welcoming                                    Titus : 5 years old!!!
Hluhluwe National Park :
Our first animal park in Africa... we start perhaps too good. We go in only e few hundreds meters that we cross our
first elephants
There are a hundred...amazing !!!

200 metres further, two white rhinos...                    .. then giraffes !!!
  panoramic terrace on La Gazelle


  at the end of the day, we meet again our horde of elephants.
This time, we are not looking them from far. We are just in the middle of them. We even had to make a U-turn with the
threat of a mother.

  We advice this video ,especially the talks that we will
not say from whom we get it...


The video  of one of their crossing

  on the road of Zululand

with a quad to look for hippos...and mainly to get fun for 2 hours
Tembe NP :
Olivier and Auriane                                        Impala and Nyala
Sodwana Bay :
                                                           an inimitable style...Pollux


an Zulu artist makes a model of La Gazelle

even the interior is exact
Ndumo NP

small trek to find hippos...some will be seen far off
              cactus seen in all southern Africa


        For want of hippo in number, the rhinos are there  

              Africa seems to be the continent of stings...
              vultures and eagles gorge of this dead giraffe
              that one just stand in front of us           crossing on the track
                                                  evening's lights
                                                           grimace of one evening


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