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Australia -
Whale beach near Sydney  

Carnet de Pollux et Titus

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February 2005



We meet another french family in the center of Sydney. We start to invite them to share our squat in the botanic
garden. After a few days, a ranger ask us to not mix up camping and botanic garden.

We go to the north of Sydney, to Whale beach...

Activities : surf, BBQ, sun, sea, surf, ...on the supervision of the famous australian lifesavers
daily training to surf, swimming and waves crossing with the boat

Titus is not very surf per day is enough
          Pollux, Philippine, Noé and Titus                                     Titus and Tikéo
              Bob helps philippine...                                   ..and stays in the wave

                     body surf                                                      Moray



Brise darts also

              Bob... you are on the sand!!!


After a few days, we can knee on the small Moray board. To surf must not be so difficult... We invest in a long board.
The first try are hopeless...but, for anecdote, the really first surf was made with 4 penguins...
Nathalie has a better gift than me for surfing and stands up rapidely...Pollux is a futur campion
In my side, 2 weeks of labour for 3 or 4 standing is not a lot !!
                Drawing of Emmanuel by Pollux

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj

                                                           copyright duj


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