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Syria -
Aleppo : the souk & around  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Aleppo :
              Before leaving to the discovery the souk,
              Cléobule studies the guide
              The souk of Aleppo is entirely covered and rather not very tourist. We thus find the
              majority of the products necessary to the everyday life of the Syrians.
              Merchant of pans and kettles                 manufacturer of scissors
  an interior court

the Arab delicacies occupy an important place
              The corner butchery remains a beautiful spectacle: pieces of meat hung on the doors,
              tongues, heads, and feet of goat… with the intestines in premium
  the choice does not miss

                                                           remain of beef


                                        always dry fruits  

              fountan at every street corner               entry of hammam in the middle of the souk

                waiter of tea in the lanes

    Aleppo is famous for these soaps containing olive oil  

  Display for tourists

Displays for Syrians
The bimaristan Argoun :
  old psychiatric hospital renovated in museum .
We pass from room to room to follow the evolutions in the treatment of the patients
              First court: the dangerous ones. They were locked up with windows giving on a small calm
              court with a fountain and musicians to alleviate the patients. Pollux into insane...
                The patients could saunter in the second court

              the third court is even more open…           the fourth accepts the visitors .
The large mosque :
            the style of the souk perspires in the large mosque

                small tea break in the hotel which accomodated
              Agatha Christie when she wrote “the crime of the East express train”. Decoration did not change.
                The Syrians are very proud of this mosque  
                which is not common


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