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Syria -
Bosra & Palmyra  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Bosra :
Bosra is the second capital of the nabateans with Petra . It is in worse state, but quite as enthralling.
Most impressive is the theatre. It is the first theatre to be built on a flat ground. That required to create
a structure containing vault to set up the steps.



On the road to Palmyra … place called “Road 66”. Bivouac for the night.
Palmyra :

On a bad idea of my share, we make the visit of the site of Palmyra on camels. First, we advance more slowly than
with foot, but after one hour above, we are almost wedged with an evil of amazing back problem.
The children adore.
Principal artery of the old city                           the arabic castle who overhangs the site is impressive.
                                                           The tombs are real buildings
                                                           Cléobule in archaeologist

              Pollux and Titus manage very well without us
                                                           Crossing of the oasis

Temple of Bel, monument headlight of Palmyra



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