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Saudi Arabia -
Transit Visa from Jeddah  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2007



Just before arriving in Saudi Arabia, 4 french men have been killed near Madean Saleh on the way to Jordan. It is with
this atmosphere we arrive in Jeddah. Because Madean Saleh is on our way, the officials give us 3 days to talk with our
consulate, we have to leave as our transit visa obliges us. We will keep in touch with the consul during
all the way.

Jeddah :
The old city keep the charm of the old arabs souks. Unfortunately, we go there on Friday, in the week end.




traditional bakery
  two omnipresent words... Allah and Mahomet
Islam is mixed with the life in Saudi Arabia. The everyday life is punctuated by the 5 daily prayers. Each time,
the shops and the restaurants close, an announcement is made in the supermarket to explain that there will not be any
cashier for the next half an hour. The 5h00 prayer in the morning rock us in the songs coming from all the city...
strange, surprising, but really pleasant !!

The new city is modern in its architecture...
                                                           the mixity is absolutely banished in the country

On the way to Jordan :
              Rapidly, we take the coastal road to reach Jordan. The diesel liter is at 5 cts of Euro !!
  not always easy to find its way

                                stop in an hotel to relax  

first try alone...                                         ...the second is much better


this should be : "be careful to the camels"                monotony of the journey
each petrol station has its mosque

we like the round about                                    "King Fahd Avenue"...easy !!
Tabouk :
Last city before reaching Jordan, we profit by the shopping center without VAT or any taxes to fill up the truck with
food. The mixity existing not, we must go in shopping center for families. There are some for men, for women and
for families. No way to miss the right one !!!
              compulsory clothes for Nathalie... sometime, she must cover the face
                Nathalie by Titus !!!

The shopping center for families is surrounded by roundabout and roller coaster. we are warmly welcome : Pollux, Titus
and Cléobule can use them as often as they want for free !!!!

                              drinkable water distributor 


                hairdresser for kids in the family shopping center.

Saudi Arabia is not a very free country. The officials know where we are, what we do and nearly what we will do. Because
of the french murders, we get the "chance" to have a very close protection by the police, and also by the "secret police".
From 2 to 5 cars are permanently around us. If we move by truck or by foot, the whole armada follows, but kindly.
On t other way, the people who approach us can have some problems. A man (with an islamic look that will be considered as
dangerous by Mr Bush) who has just asked me by curiosity who we are and what we do, has been tackled by the police...
  They follow us to the border


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