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Germany -
from Heidelberg to Lindau  

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October 2003


the few weeks we spend in Germany are warmful and full of great meetings.
  Nathalie has to get a picture in front of those "people"

           Heidelberg, Titus likes the pedestrian streets  

Bad Wimpfen :

  The Neckar valley is great for a bicycle ride...

                                    Maulbronn Abbey and a meeting with the Yeti
                Baden Baden : we discover the Caracalla bath
Titus and Pollux are pleased to use some other toys during this time.
Freudenstadt : first snow


Gaggenau : repair of la Gazelle, electric cabling of the home

Ulm : the german cities are clean, well organized, pleasant to discover

Legoland : a wholecity is made with the little bricks... amazing.


                                                           first time for Pollux...
                                                           and more, the video "not afraid..."

Lindau :


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