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Malaysia -


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October 2004


the vessel that should bring la gazelle
is late and late. We have some time. Pollux wants to stay at school. We leave a week
on the other part of Malaysia, on the island of Borneo, in Sarawak with Titus.

Bako Taman Negara :
seaside national park that we reach on a boat, under the rain...
                     crossing on a long boat                      beard pig

The main activity in this park is trekking. We motivate Titus for a "short" walk.
Proud and happy to be alone with his parents, he will walk 3 hours, under a very hot sun.
"Titus, you must shut up to see animals"            "OK, chhhhuuuutttt !!!"
                            Sea monkeys in the mangrove at low tide


Long house :
Two hours going up in the river with a long boat
to spend some times in a specific community of Borneo ; the long house.
Around twenty families live together un a house, where they share the social organization, the children
education, justice, food...
      those houses have many generations            30 years ago, they were known as head cutters of
                                                    Borneo. This head should be their last bitten enemy.
Titus is rapidely relax and feels at home

shared room on which all families are connected

                     start for fishing
             long boat manufacture                         Titus with his one day friends
we stop on the way back for a bamboo BBQ

fish, rice, chicken, tea and vegetables are cooked in bamboos full of water
              ricochet initiation                                  easy, Daddy!!!
            B y e, B y e   A s i a !!               

                                            by duj   copyright duj









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