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Malaysia -
Perhantian, Taman Negara and Tioman  

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August 2004


Back to Malaysia we have left a few months earlier. With a group of seven people,
to meet local people is more difficult. We will concentrate this month on touristic places,
turquoise water islands and national parks.

Kota Bharu : the city is quite far from the development of the rest of the peninsula. The malaysians
keep a lot of interest on traditions.

                                             market place

The game of the day consists to find the name of each ingredients in french, english and then in Malay
to know the winners...

the spinner : regional sport
rolling of the throwing rope

                       energized throw                receiving the spinner on the ground
              the spinner (around 2,5 kg) can turn 2 hours

Perhantian Island : sun, swimming, beach, dive... and we start again !

              boat journey

                            descent                               ascent


        very stressed dive club                    discovery of sub-marine life for pollux

Taman Negara National Park : arriving by train for most of us in the biggest national park of Malaysia,
in the middle of one of the oldest forest of the planet.

               la Gazelle waits in the "station"
   water ascent during the night... surprise        floating restaurants do not have much clients today
                                 hang bridge at 40 meters high

Pulau Tioman : turquoise water, sun, swimming, dive, beach...

                                                          auto portrait at 25 meters deep



                     meeting with thousand of fishes under the jetty...
                            Pollux                                Fabienne
                                            by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj


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