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February 2004


Pondicherry has a know atmosphere.
it is full of french... it changes a little bit

We continue our "holidays":
  leisure, swimmingpool, touristic visit...


cultural part : paper factory...
the materials used can be jute...       or cotton...

water + glue + coton, jute or smething else is put in big wood machine....


Pressing and drying of the paper sheets

Photo Moinmoin  Photo Moinmoin
parking in front of the university                                visit to the tailor

Market of Pondicherry
Photo Moinmoin  Photo Moinmoin  Photo Moinmoin


Auroville , in the suburb of Pondicherry.
Example of city where everything is done for the communauty,

Some find some genus and progress in this organisation
where more than 50 nationalities are present...

some other recognize the organisation of a secte...

      the debate is open.

Enfield : mythic indian brand



                                                                          family picture


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copyright duj  copyright duj

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