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Chile -
Carratera Australe - Puyuhuapi  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2006



Just in the middle of the Carratera Austral, near the village of Puyuhuapi, there is the Parque Nacional Queulat :
                The rain drops down 350 days annually in this park. To see
              the Glacier is lucky. To see it with the sun is surrealistic.
                     We make a little trek to approach it  

The vegetation is amazing

                We get there to see the clouds arriving

                                                           local umbrella
Cléobule is now 5 months old
The Thermal baths of Puyuhuapi :
with a daily humidity, wind and rain, we take a day in the thermal baths of Puyuhuapi.
We are in the low season... we are alone.

first bath for Cléobule
                                                           huge nap


              the external baths are just great



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