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Chile -
The pinguins of Magellanes  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2006



The pinguins of Magellanes :
Around the strait of Magellanes (the sea separating Patagonia from the Earth of fire), the hundred of thousands penguins
of the same name come in spring for the reproduction. We arrive at the end of the summer. The small ones grew already,
lose their skin and start to set out again at sea to spend the winter to Brazil.
30-40 cm in height, always in couple, they keep the same partner with life. They keep also the same nest, one year
on the other.

              very timorous on sand, they defend their nest here and are let approach without problem...

"Mata Verde" is the most comfortable place to install a nest... Pollux is really a curious animal.
The nests and the young pinguins are kept in turn by the parents. During this time, the "free" spouse fishes
After 40 days of incubation, the young pinguins are born in November. They are covered with a soft and gray plumage.
  not timid..there is a limit... Titus STOP !!!!
                         the pinguins walk in vidéo   
They are so funny that we remained a good moment on the spot... we adore!!!

The beach... the second part of the spectacle... arrival in surfing, departure moved in the waves, bronzing...
  ...or attacks by the predatory ones.



  a little video on the beach...

the morning, they make their toilet on the beach and plunge in water to come out only the evening from it


                       what we adore on their premises is there... walk, the arms, the position...
while moving, a double rainbow                             a nandu, cousin of the Australian emeu and African ostrich

  enormous, they do not seem often not mowed

                                                  by duj   copyright duj



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