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Argentina -
The fall of the Perito Moreno Glaciar  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2006



Parque Nacional Los Glaciares :
  The equivalent of the parque nacional Torres del Paine in
Argentina is the Parque nacional Los Glaciares. The whole of these glaciers come from the same zone of Ice : le "Campo de
hielo Sur".

The local star is the glaciar Perito Moreno. He is accessible and visible directly since a bank and has rather incredible
performances. It progresses of more than 2 meters per day in its center (contrary to the Grey glacier who advances
only of 4 meters per annum...).
 Its fame is mainly due to the fact that it advances quickly
and that it comes to block on the mountain. Then, the ice melting grows up the level of water of the lake on the left
who puts more and more pressure on the glaciar. Under the growing pressure of the lake, an arch is formed on the level
of the contact between the glacier and the mountain. This arch ends naturally up collapsing. The phenomenon is enough rare.
The ruptures took place in 1976, 1980, 1984 and 1988. From 1992, the scientists showed the reheating planet to explain
the end of the phenomenon. In 2004, the glacier takes the tradition again and collapses again. It generally occurs 3 or
4 days between the moment when water creates an arch and the moment when this one collapses. By chance, we arrive in
the national park the evening of the second day...
  1hOO in the morning, with the moon light, the arch is still big.

7h00 in the morning of the Day 3 : The arch is reduced under the pressure of water and the progression of the glacier
sight behind the arch                                      lake created by the melting of the glacier 
                the perito Moreno is huge... nearly 60 metres high

day 3 - 14h00                                              day 3 - 18h00 - the current weakens, only the progression
                                                           of the glaciar makes tremble the arch
the light is sublime on this cake of chantilly
Waiting is long...                                         ...and cold. 5°C - 97% of humidity day and night

day 4 - morning
It does not occur a minute without a piece of ice falls in the lake into a amazing crash
The arch is exhausted
side of ice falling into the lake (enough far from the arch)

                                          small video os the show 

day 4 - 23h00 - the arch breaks completely. A bed of ice covers the lake.

The Perito Moreno will remain a very great moment of our trip.

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj



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