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Tanzanie & Kenya -
Ngorongoro Crater & Masai Mara  

Carnet of Pollux & Titus

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January 2007



Ngorongoro crater :

A 20 kilometers crater with the reputation to be the noe arch...It is right !! It is a festival for the animals
  tête à tête to control the security



Ostrich                                                    hyena


great welcome !!


                    El Nino changes the weather this year 






Masai Mara :
  The El Nino phenomena puts out of order the climate in
Tanzania and in Kenya. Masai Malosed 10 days because of rain. Just before this closing, we reach it. Unfortunately,
we ware not able to go everywhere. The tracks are under water.
mini trek with a Masai



  Pollux tries the off-road with la Gazelle


14 kilometres in more than 4 hours..without getting stuck. Africa is great under the rain...

Two days later, this bridge will be taken away by water...



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