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Ethiopia -
Awasa : the coffer ceremony  

Carnet of Pollux & Titus

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January 2007



It is a real pleasure to reach Ethiopia after the crossing of black Africa where we did not succeed to get contact
with the populations. In Ethiopia, we find a warm welcome, a great life along the road, an important history...
              Titus : 5 years and a half                    more and more naughty
The coffee ceremony
  The coffee in Ethiopia is the basis of the relations between
people. The slightest meeting must be done around a cup of coffee, accompanied with a great ceremonial. Flowers, incens
                                                           once the fire on, the encens spreads
Cléobule is very curious
              The coffee is roasted each takes time !!!



              the coffee is grinded
                After an hour, the first cup of coffee is served

                         the tradition is to serve 3 cups  
                                                           ...and it is really nice.


                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright by duj  copyright by duj


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