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Australia -
King's Canyon, Uluru and the Olgas  

Journal of Pollux and Titus

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December 2004



the distances between two sites are enormous.
The nights are in the open nature, in the middle of nowhere, really nowhere !!!

King's Canyon :

an amazing canyon among rocky formations (the lost city)...


              at the bottom of the canyon, the "garden of Eden"

                                                    those parrots are all over Australia

Uluru or Ayers Rock :
Even if we saw this huge rock thousand of time in picture, we like it very much arriving in front
of it. It is really magnificent !!! CLICK HERE to see the change of colours.

This rock represents a lot in the aboriginal culture. One of their god lives inside.
By respect, we do not climb the rock, but we walk around. We so appreciate that we do the 10 kilometers
again the next day by bike.
                                                    family surf on the under of Uluru

              Our walk inspires us a lot..perhaps too much.
We see animals and forms everywhere. To see our delirious, you just have to move the mouse
on the pictures.
  asian whale

                                    starved monkey  

  ferocious shark

                         Napoleon fish from behind  

  open mouth of a whale

                                jellyfish or ghost  

  majestic lion

Les Olgas :
50 kilometers away from Ayers Rock stand a group of rock even bigger : The Olgas. They are less
well known because they are not in one piece like their neighbour, but they are very beautiful.
One more time, we spend several hours walking among those huge rocks. The highest one is more than
500 meters high.


yes, we are in Australia ....

                                            by duj   copyright duj

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