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Fiji -
Veti Levu island  

Carnet de Pollux et Titus

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April 2005



  We cannot fly over the pacific ocean without making
a stop on one of those islands. We stop at Fiji. But the weather is not good with us. We spend 9 days on the islands,
we have 9 rainy days...

Suva :
Capital of the country, we spend a few days in Suva in an indian Servas family. The indian community is nearly half
of the population.


Robinson Crusoe Island :
  The pacific islands are made for the beach...

    The shower system with a pulley and buckket to fill...

                second birthday for Polxux...
                                                           Dive Club : despite the depressing weather, the dives are
                                                           amazing...beautiful soft corals, 2 to 8 sharks par dive

Nananu i ra island :
                another paradsiac island...very very humid.
the day of our departure, the news foretells a cyclon on the Samoa islands which comes closer to the Fiji


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