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Chile -
Carratera Australe - Parque Pumalin  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2006



Parque Pumalin :
In 1991, a rich American fellow (ex-owner of Esprit) buys a huge land under the anxiety of the Chileans. After 15 years,
it is a great park which is certainly one of the best protected forest in the area.
Information center in the vegetation                       Air field in lawn...the owner comes quite often
  every morning, the condors glide over us without any wing ... magic !!


  As usual, Pollux is in the cold water, Titus looks

                     Cléobule takes her bath in the truck  

              a biological farm in located in the park. The tourists can buy their food.
                young salad

surprised to have made their first fire alone, they dance around
great BBQ
Pollux                                                     the evening, Cléobule is always awake

life in the truck
Track of the Alerces :
              Thank you GORE TEX !!! essential partner of the fogs weather...
              The Alerces are trees of more than 40 metres high. They are nearly 2000 years old.



  Always the difficult weather of Chilean Patagonia
                                                           an example in video

last kilometers on the Carratera Austral...mix of light, wind, clouds, humidity...

The road does not go totally to the North. We have to take a ferry to cross the Corcovado gulf and reach Chiloé island.
We do not have to book our tickets in advance !!
                                                           soccer field during 5 hours

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj 


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