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Brazil -
Rio de Janeiro & Ihla Grande  

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June 2006



Rio de Janeiro :
We just take a few days in Brazil, without "La Gazelle". We spend most of our time in Rio de Janeiro.

view for Pascal's flat, in the area of Urca.
Sugar bread                                                Ipanema beach

              The christ of Corcovado

The bay of Rio de Janeiro is just amazing

old house changed in art gallery
              palm alley in the botanic garden
  the old Rio...

                                                           ...keeps closed to the modern, worthy of SimCity.

In front of Rio, at Niteroi, the architect Niemeyer of the city Brasilia, has built his "Museo de Arte Moderno"

Ihla grande :
between Rio and Sao Paolo, the island"Ihla Grande" is still a quiet place far from the megalopoles.
football on the beach... Yes !!, we are in Brazil          the only occupation : the beach...
              boat trip to each other beaches              fish saler on the beach
  spoon apprenticeship

                   walk apprenticeship...

With Brazil, we finish our trip in south America. We change the continentand the : Africa
Ganme of Uno in the plane
                     Cléobule in her bed during the atlantic crossing

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj


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