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Turkey -
Istanbul : Sainte Sophie, Soliman...  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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May 2007



Istanbul :
Before beginning the notebooks relating to Istanbul, it is important to note that we adored this city. Consequently, we miss
objectivity completely !!!
Sainte Sophie :
Most impressive: Sainte Sophie. Larger religious monument of the Christians during 10 centuries (while waiting for
the basilica Saint Peter in the Vatican), it dates from VIème century and was built in a record (hardly more than 5 years).

Enormous cupola located at 56m height, the magic of this place comes from the 4 pillars which support the whole.
We almost do not notice them.
A few hours after the catch of Constantinople by the Muslims in 1453, Sainte Sophie is transformed into Mosque.
Atatürk will change it in Museum in 1935.


Restoration of the cupola
Cistern Basilica :
Vast water reserve for the historical center of Istanbul

              Base of one of the columns...

Sainte Irène :
              Sainte Irene is sobriety even in comparison with the other buildings

Mosque Soliman :
Largest mosque of the city, Soliman was built in XVIème century to exceed Sainte Sophie… without succeeded.
Its architect, Sinan, is the most famous Othoman architect. We owe him the majority of the Othoman monuments of the city.


                Mausoleum of Soliman


              Cemetery around the mosque

Blue Mosque :

It is the most famous mosque of Istanbul… no more
                Cupola of the blue mosque


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