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Syria -
Aleppo : the citadel & Saint Siméon  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Aleppo - the citadel :
In the centre of the old city draws up citadel of Aleppo...imposing, splendid, sublime


              the access passages curve to control the possible attacks
              in the remparts, exists a real city
                all the parts are not from the same time



                bar at the edge of the ramparts under the minaret


  on the roof of the hammam



  Entry of oldest the hammam : Al-Yalbogha an Nasri

               The Armenian district contains sumptuous residences which do not let anything appear
              outside: Beit Wakil is a first example
Cléobule : 18 months...                                    Pollux : 8 years old
We celebrate these birthdays at Sissi, another Armenian house transformed into a restaurant… speciality: Mezze, small
dishes which is declined at infinitum containing vegetables, salads, meats, borek ....


  Before leaving Aleppo , we pass to the supermarket...
Saint Siméon :
Siméon is an ascetic at the origin of the mode of the stylites… remained perched in top of a column for the meditation.
That of Siméon was nearly 18 meters high and he stayed 36 years there. With its death, a basilica was built there .

  Pollux, Titus and Cléobule on the remainders of the column


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