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Syria -

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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April 2007



Damascus :
  It is the traditon ...Easter with chocolates

Mosque of Omeyyades (VIIIth century) :
Superb mosque considered as one of most beautiful of Islam. It is covered with mosaics.

As in any mosque, the Koranic schools are around the court in which we find the “kiosk” of ablutions overhung
of a minaret.


Arab penmanship is one of most beautiful in the world ...

   Cupola in the prayers room

Prayers room
The Azem palace :
  One of the most beautiful palace of Damascus,
                                                           transformed into museum


              Cléobule in the Hammam of the Harem
The souk and life in Damascus :
  sign old French presence

Full with meanders, small lanes, the souk of Damascus is more impressive than beautiful.
                Water pipe for local people and tourists

              Compulsory tea...                            Pollux and Cléobule
The corner of the pastes… or associated
   Butcheries are always “attractive"

              Another palate right in the middle of the souk
The portraits of current and the former president of the country are absolutely everywhere...

                turtle, starfish...

                                                           To find its way belongs to the play
Again, a palace transformed this time into art gallery

              hammam entrance                              pharmacy

                                                           The jewels have there also their place

                                                           Arab greediness
              Waiter of tea in the street


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