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Jordan -
Wadi Rum  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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March 2007



Désert du Wadi Rum :
  The desert of Wadi Rum is a pretty small desert (60km by 40km).
Its attractiveness comes from the mix of dunes, abrupt and huge mountains, silence, bedouin population who still lives
in the desert, but alo from the easy accessibility. We are not parked in aeras and we are free to go where we want to go.
We stay 4 nights in the middle of the fantastic nature.

Most of the bedouins are now in the village of Rum, at the entrance of the desert.


As soon as we see a dune, we climb it...



Just aroud a ock, we cross a bedouin. I just ask him where can we go to have a nice sunset and a great night. After a
few talks, he tells us that he is just installing a tent for his family (2 wives and 10 children) to spend a month of
holidays. We are welcome to park near his tent.

Wadi Rum has been used to shoot the movy "Laurence d'Arabie", who spend a lot of time here.

view from our window during 4 days...

first evening in front of the goat hair tent

                                Cléobule tries to climb...


second evening...

the girls of the family bring the the goat herd duringthe day
farniente, games, silence in the middle of this splendour...


              the last evenig, Eid tells us that bedouin people have heart. Hospitality is important
              for them... he goes to take a goat from the herd, takes his knife...
the boys clean the haed to get it boiled.                  the girls empty the bowels to roast it in the fire

In the meantime, Cléobule looks like a bedouin and slees in the tent
                            pot ith the rice and the goat 
                            the dinner, taken in the tent, the men on one side, the women on the other side, is tasty.

The children bring back the camels inthe village for the tourists
last morning...
                                                           run awy of Cléobule with a bedouin


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