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Costa Rica -
Volcanos, nature and the "canopy"  

Journal of Pollux & Titus

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April 2005



  Volcano Poas
Costa Rica is just located on a line where the seismic activity is strong. Active volcano around is always a pleasure.
We meet again the Durand family for this Costa rican episode...

Bright colors of central America
  The volcano Arenal is in perpetual activity. Three days
before we arrive, lava ran along the mountain. We will only have a huge roaring.. very impressive.
Also, volcano activity rhymes with hot water...relaxation in a wonderful park between rivers with a good temperature
and luxuriant vegetation.


  Cécile, Stéphane with Titus on his knees, Nathalie and Pollux.
The water is really hot, but it is fun to be behind the cascade
                Stéphane, Cécile and Nathalie

Gosh.., we are watched.                                    walk in the Arenal volcano vegetation
                                                           This one slept along the walk


                                                           chameleon cow...

Monte Verde
It always great to walk in this huge vegetation and we try the "canopy"


the principle is quite easy : wear a harness and let roll along a cable from tree to tree
some platforms are very very high, it is compulsory to be safe all the time
                Pollux in a good speed with a guide

Claire finds a way between the leaves                      Cécile
  Tarzan swing ...Pollux hangs on a 20 meters rope
and jump in the nowhere. well done boy !!! nearly "not afraid !!!"
              Pollux in a good fun                         Cécile do not have time to get scared
                                           Claire in Video...

the longest cables are more than 600 meters and cross the valley at 100 meters high !!!
 Wonderful, Superb, Great fun !!!

National Park of Manuel Antonio :

break on the beach

                visit of the bars with Pollux... this one is in a plane

                                          traditional picture of the group



                                          Visitor on our little beach

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj

                                                           copyright duj


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