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Chile -
from Valparaiso to the South  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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July/August 2005



                Very near Valparaiso, there is a special village of fishermen.
They use horses to carry their boat in and out of the water. We like this ingenuity.
Titus and Pollux are also dumbfound

Valparaiso :
costal city near the capital Santiago, Valparaiso lies down along and on the hill. To facilitate the moves of
the inhabitants, many "elevators" stake out the mountain. They are more like funicular railway.
              This one is the steepest
              that one the longest                         crossing of cabins
the city is in different levels                            big harbour activity

street fresco

              pollux                                       painting in a "station"

slope in a popular area

Santiago :
During the fast passage in Santiago, we visit an exhibition of Dali in an old station.
We continue our descent along Chile. Of course, being in winter, the weather is worst and worst in the South.
The thermal baths of Pucon are just happiness at 40° Celsius with an external temperature nearly frozen.
  We try to reach the ski resort. The weather is awful.
Wind, snow, fog... the ski resorts are all closed.
                                                           all comfort !!!
  the 40th roar !!
We cannot sleep in the night. The truck swings all night. We spend all week in a storm in Chile.
We decide to cross the border and reach Argentina on the other side of the Cordillera.
We find mountain os snow. We are the only vehicle crossing the border without chains. The sight is amazing !!
The trucks are pulled by the snow-plough


                                                  by duj   copyright duj

                                                           copyright duj


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