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Argentina -
Lan of Fire: Ushuaia and around  

Carnet of Pollux and Titus

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February 2006



Estancia Carretas :
                a stop in the estancia Carretas in the surroundings of
Ushuaia to admire the biggest pack of Argentina... more than 120 sleigh dogs.
  real champions, their masters travel through the world
to participate to the competitions
"can we take one in the truck ?"..."Heu, there is not any space.."..."It is not a problem, we hang him at the back
of the truck and he follows us when we drive !!!"      logical.


                Training sleighduring the summer

  and the video

Estancia Haberton : southernmost point for us. We follow the Beagle canal to the East until the Atlantic Ocean...door
to the beyond... quite near the Horn Cape before reaching Antarctic... our next travel ???

the winds are so strong and so constant that the nature seems to adapt: the fire trees




                                      we can see the wind running the hills


We leave the Land of Fire, its winds, its whimsical weather, its mountains, its atmosphere...
                                                           a guanaco goes with us to teh Magellanes Strait

                                                  by duj   copyright duj

copyright duj  copyright duj


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