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Ethiopia -
The monasteries  

Carnet of Pollux & Titus

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January 2007



From the Copt Christian culture, Ethiopia is really rich in term of monastery. By lack of time with our Visa, unfortunately
we cannot go to the church of Belabela.
              Most of the monasteries are around and on the Tana lake... boat ride compulsory.
                                                           the direction is good

the papyrus are carried across the lake by rowers. It takes a whole day to cross the lake.
Monastery of Debre Maryam :

              the church is in the center of a corridor giving a shade


              the monastery was founded in the 14th century



window                                                     angels keeping the museum
  public transport on the lake
Monastery of Kibran Gebriel :
              less rich than the previous monastery, this one is less touristic. It has a big monk
              community, from the early age. Women are allowed to visit.

              Go back to the boat...despite their long hair, the monks let Pollux and Titus climbing to
              the monastery
Scenery on the road of Ethiopia : rest of a tank not to forget the past, wheat drying on the road
Gondar :

Gondar castle is the first old house that we see from our entrance to Africa...

                lions cage

  The church of Gondar is a wonder


                                         painted ceiling   



              monks in front of the church

exit of Ethiopia in the early morning :



                                                  by duj   copyright duj

                                                           copyright by duj


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